I recently had the opportunity to check out Windowmate, a smart window cleaning robot. Windowmate cleans every inch of a window, both sides, so you don’t even have to break a sweat. It recognizes its starting position and will return to that location, so you’re not having to overextend to reach to the very edge. It zigs and zags every bit of your window as it sprays detergent and microfiber pads scrub your windows clean.

Windowmate is held together with powerful neodymium magnets to keep the inside and outside units together. Sharon Lee, president and CEO of RF Co., boasted Windowmate’s safety track record, noting that no units have ever fallen off. Thankfully, users remember to remove the units properly.

Windowmate is rechargeable, too, so once you’re done cleaning, you plug both units into the charger and get it ready for its next cleaning.

I personally don’t like washing windows, thankfully the management company at our apartment complex takes care of that for us. I can see where it is useful for anyone: houses with multiple stories or homes with a ton of windows make for tough window cleaning work.

Windowmate apparently makes millennials happy, too. According to Lee, many CEOs and executives have reached out to her asking for help in reducing employee turnover. Apparently millennials who work at coffee shops, fast food joints and other retail locations also hate cleaning windows. Go figure. I guess cleaning windows is a job most of us are fine handing over to robots.

There’s also another incentive for businesses: Windowmate can wear branded marketing on its back. Ads can be plopped on with magnets and can be easily swapped out for the latest marketing collateral for the season. You might notice an ad on the Windowmate for a new phone at your wireless carrier, or perhaps an ad for a new latte flavor on the back of the robot cleaning the windows outside your local coffee shop.

RF also makes a few other products that perform similar functions, like a cleaning system for high-rise buildings that attaches scrubbers to rooftop systems, or robots that clean dry- erase white boards.

Windowmate, currently retails for about $500, but we’re told a cheaper version of Windowmate (RT series) will be out soon. Check out the video below to learn more.

We saw Windowmate in Seoul, South Korea. TechnoBuffalo was invited to an event featuring Korean start-up companies as part of the “Made in Korea” event.