The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the stuff a tech lover's dreams are made of. A gigantic building filled with row after row of the latest and greatest in televisions, cell phones, tablets, media players and gadgets you've never even heard of. And while it sounds like a dream, it is a trade show that is closed to the public, and only those who work in the industry or cover it for a living are allowed in.

What if we told you that for CES 2013, TechnoBuffalo and AT&T have teamed up to help you make your dream come true?

That's right, thanks to the folks at AT&T, we're going to pick one lucky person to not only go to CES this January, but you're also going to get to work with the TechnoBuffalo crew as a guest blogger or videographer! And to make the deal even sweeter? We're going to cover your air fare and lodging expenses while in Las Vegas!

Now that you're all excited, what do you have to do? Well there are two ways to enter depending on if you consider yourself a writer or a video producer.

To Enter as a Writer:

  • Send two (2) tech related writing samples to
  • Samples must be your own original works.
  • You retain all rights to your samples.
  • Samples must be in English.

To Enter as a Videographer

  • Submit a video response to the YouTube video of this contest.
  • The video can be about anything technology related, but filmed in the spirit of TechnoBuffalo videos.
  • Video must be posted as a video response to the contest entry video.
  • The video must be spoken in English.

Picking a Winner

The winner will be chosen from all of the submitted entires, both written and video. They will be judged on the same criteria as when we are hiring a staff member for the site. This will indeed be a subjective judging and not random, so we want to see your best work.

TechnoBuffalo Guest Blogger Prize Package Includes

  • Air fare to and from Las Vegas.
  • Lodging accommodations while in Las Vegas for four nights and three days.
  • $100 a day for all other expenses.
  • Admission to CES events with TechnoBuffalo staff.
  • Written articles or videos – depending on which criteria you submitted – posted on from CES.

TechnoBuffalo Guest Blogger Contest Rules

  • All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific time on Dec. 21, 2012.
  • Must be 18-years-old or older. (CES requires this for admittance to the show)
  • Contest is open to anyone in the world.
  • Winner assumes all risks associated with travel.
  • You will arrive in Las Vegas on January 6, 2013 and depart on January 9, 2013.
  • Prize package does not include long-term employment with TechnoBuffalo.
  • TechnoBuffalo staff will serve as the judges for all of the entries and the decision made by them of the winner will be final.

Good luck to everyone, and we look forward to your submissions!