Just a few days ago, we told you record-setting pre-orders may make getting your hands on a shiny new iPhone 6S on or around the Sept. 25 launch day a tall order.  And we’ve already reported how the 6S is being glowingly touted as “the best iPhone ever.”

We here at TechnoBuffalo like to think we’re pretty well connected.  So when the most ginormous of ginormous new products drop, we work our magic to get that product right into your hot little hands.

Which means we’ve got a brand-new iPhone 6S…and we want to give it to you.  Now, we know you’d all like to have it, but as we said previously, supply at present is running a little short so, to borrow from The Highlander, there can be only one.

And to be the lucky one who scores this 3D Touch-enabled, 12-megapixel camera-sporting, A9 processor-wielding, Live Photo-capable piece of cutting-edge tech, all you’ve got to do is fill out an online entry form with your valid email address.

You can even score some additional entries when you share it on Twitter and get some of your buddies to enter too (which they’ll do, because hey…free iPhone 6S!). We’ll even let you pick the color…because we’re lookin’ out for your fashion-forward self!

One caution: don’t enter the giveaway more than once.  If you do, all your entries get dumped.  Them’s the rules, folks.

Enter right now! Your registration needs to get in by Oct. 21.