Petite Ears or Giant "Phone"?

Jon’s been working with Samsung’s phone/tablet hybrid, the Galaxy Note, for the better part of a week now. JR’s got the unlocked version and he just told me he loves it, though it could definitely use a big ol’ Ice Cream Sandwich. TouchWiz is one thing, but it sounds like Note’s tablet-esque 5.3-inch display form factor would really benefit from the Android 4.0 treatment.

ICS or not, it looks like Galaxy Note may be headed to Sprint in the U.S. SprintFeed cites a trusted source in reporting that The Now Network is prepping a locked variant of the giant Android device, and may well be gearing up to launch it at CES 2012 next week in Las Vegas. The report mentions that the Note’s specs should largely line up with those of its European brethren, though “It remains unsure [sic] if this device will sport an ill fated WiMAX connection, but LTE is pretty much out of the question.”

Ouch. Nobody likes WiMax anymore, huh? That is, if anyone ever really did.

Stay tuned to the Buffalo all this week as we wrangle the latest CES rumors in preparation for our mass journey to Sin City to cover the extravaganza starting Sunday afternoon.

[via SprintFeed]