Four decades ago, a small science fiction television show called Star Trek pitted its protagonist Captain James T. Kirk against an alien known as the Gorn. The result of the face off resulted in one of the most infamously horrible fight scenes ever filmed, and is has since become iconic for Star Trek fans who know that the original series had just as many lows as it did highs.

It's also a unique scene in that it's one of the few Star Trek references the uninitiated might have stumbled across through simple osmosis on the Internet.

And for that, the famous fight is now a commercial for the upcoming Star Trek The Video Game. William Shatner, now over 80 years old, still has all the moves and acting chops needed to pull off his latest campy dual with his eternal nemesis. The two spar over their inability to work cooperatively while playing the video game, and hilarity ensues.

Oh yeah, there's also a look at the remodeled Gorn in the video game, and it looks pretty awful. The game itself also doesn't look like much to write home about either, but at least the marketing team deserves a little praise for getting gamers to watch a trailer. Good call.

Star Trek The Video Game is being released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC this April 23rd. It takes place in the newest Star Trek universe created in J.J. Abrams 2009 film, and most of the films' cast will be reprising their roles.