By now you’re probably aware that Apple’s scheduled rehire media event for this coming Wednesday, September 1st.  Alongside new iPods, Apple might unveil the next iteration in it’s Apple TV line, the iTV. Whether or not those $.99 rentals come to life isn’t much of a concern for me, but this iTV might be the first iDevice to offer wireless syncing with iTunes.

wirelesssyncEven now if you want to back up or sync your iPhone, iPod, or iPad you’ve got to connect your device with a two foot cord.  Personally I go weeks without connecting any of the devices I own to anything more than an AC outlet.  It sure would be nice if I could go into Settings on any of these and sync wirelessly with iTunes.  Even better, a daily or weekly automatic schedule that does all of these things for me at say 4:00 AM.  So maybe that’s just wishful thinking but wireless syncing isn’t such a stretch.

A while back an Apple customer emailed Steve Jobs asking for just such a feature and Jobs’ reply?

“Yep, Someday.”

The new iTV mini set top box that’ll likely make it out sometime before the holidays if not this Wednesday will be connected to both an AC outlet and output source to your TV.  Apple can’t be expecting iTV customers to take the device back and forth between their computer and the TV to manage the content stored locally, right?  That’d surely be absurd.

The only case I can think of that negates the need for wireless syncing on the iTV is if Apple restricts the built-in storage to apps only.  Any music, movies, or television shows you watch would be streamed to the device, whether it be from your own laptop/desktop or Apple’s servers.  Still users would need to manage their iTV apps from either iTunes or the iTV itself.  What will Apple choose?  Let’s hope they choose wireless syncing and, sooner rather than later, carry it over to the rest of the iDevice family.

What do you think?  Will Apple finally bring about the first iOS device with wireless syncing?  Any other scenarios you can think of around such an option?  Drop your suggestions in the comments.