With tablets coming at us left and right now in the wake of the iPad, applications are very much at the forethought of  the tech world again.  Applications have certainly been a revolution in the world of the smartphones, but can it do the same in the tablet space?  And if they do take off like mad, what will this mean for Web development?

iphoneapps350One of the biggest things everyone has been saying about the iPad is how expensive all of the applications seem to be.  Only 20 percent of the applications at launch are free, and while it is certainly expected developers should be able to make money from their work, some games doubled in price from their iPhone counterparts, and while the screen is bigger, it’s doubtful it took twice the work to build the app.

The bigger question is if applications will ever take the place of the Web, and that seems unlikely with the prices were seeing, and the advent of HTML5.  When you look at what Google was able to do with the mobile version of Google Voice for the iPhone since they were kicked out of the App Store, and it makes you realize just how powerful the browser can be now with the new version of HTML.

The point is, I don’t think either can fully eliminate one another.  The Web is always nice, but if you are in an area with spotty reception, it isn’t always practical to use.  In those instances applications are nice, but if you can find a free alternative online, then why not go that direction with your solutions?  There is also the question of space on your tablet of choice.  Do you sacrifice that movie you wanted to watch for another app, or do you just get the same thing done via your browser?

I think the two things are going to compliment one another, and I don’t think either will come out a decisive winner.  Each has its time and place, and there seems no real reason why the two can’t co-exist.

What do you think?  Will apps ever replace the Web?