Sony Tablet Android Honeycomb 3.2

Previous speculation surrounding Sony’s upcoming S1 and S2 Android-powered tablets has always stated the device will ship running Android Honeycomb 3.0, but according to screenshots accidentally posted on Sony’s support site, they may in fact ship with Honeycomb 3.2.

The screenshots were published under the very inviting heading of “How to find the Android Honeycomb system version installed on this tablet” on Sony’s eSupport site. Obviously these screens were posted in error, because shortly after the news spread, Sony removed them from the site.

However, two shots revealing the “About tablet” screens that briefly appeared before their disappearance did conflict each other: While one screen revealed the Android version to be 3.2, the other read 3.1. Either way, this is a positive indication that the device won’t ship with Android 3.0 after all.

Sony Tablet Android Honeycomb 3.1

Other screens posted of the tablet’s home screen and app drawer also reveal a few Sony applications that may be bundled with the device, including the PSOne classic (and a personal favorite of mine) Crash Bandicoot, and the movie streaming service called Crackle. You may also notice the Chumby application in the picture below, which streams things like your online photos, social news feeds, weather, stocks and anything else you add to your Chumby channels to your device — kind of like an intelligent digital photo frame.

Unfortunately, no other leaks were found on Sony’s eSupport site, and I’m sure that following this little episode there won’t be any in future either.

Does the thought of the latest Android Honeycomb OS on this device get your mouth watering? What about those bundled apps?

[via Engadget]