HTC First Review-Quick Settings

Facebook and Samsung execs reportedly met earlier today in South Korea, quickly sparking rumors that the two companies could be collaborating on a new smartphone. For the moment there’s no strong reason to believe a second Facebook phone is on the way, though it might actually make more sense than you’d think.

The last time Facebook brought up the idea Samsung allegedly rejected it. That was back in June 2013. The South Korean phone-maker was riding high and Facebook’s HTC First had failed hard. A year later, Samsung is predicting its fourth straight quarter of dropping profits, while Facebook is more profitable than ever. The social network also offers a growing selection of apps that might just make for a decent operating system.

According to The Korea Times, the meeting was “win-win” for both companies, though a new Facebook phone is unlikely. Instead, the two firms worked on a deal that could create Facebook apps and content for Samsung hardware. A second report from The Korea Times is a bit more optimistic at the possibility of a Samsung-made Facebook phone, but doesn’t offer any real evidence that a new device is on the way.

We’re not sure if Facebook will ever release another phone. The company seems content to push its growing ecosystem of apps on both Android and iOS while building towards a future powered by the Oculus technology it bought earlier this year.