Intel Ivy BridgeIf you ask an everyday gamer, he’ll probably tell you the PC graphics market is basically a two-horse race between AMD’s Radeon and Nvidia’s GeForce. Ask a financial analyst and you’ll get a different answer: the beancounters think that the graphics market is less of a race and more of a massacre, with Intel playing the role of Leatherface and Ivy Bridge’s integrated graphics acting as the chainsaw that delivers the death blow.

The improved Intel HD 4000 graphics chops of Ivy Bridge chips means that the CPUs are capable of carrying out basic gaming and HD video tasks, and that makes them more than functional enough for the average PC user, the market researchers at Five Star Equities claim. The firm says that Ivy Bridge has “functionally destroyed any reason to buy a basic video card” for most consumers. (The graphics processors in AMD’s APUs are even more powerful than the ones in Ivy Bridge, for comparison; FSE never mentions AMD directly.)

Financial analyst Jack Gold chimed in on the press release to drive the point home. “Extreme gamers who want very powerful graphics cards are in a niche market already, and it’s shrinking,” he says. “For 95 percent of the folks out there, integrated graphics will be what they want.” He also made a way-too-easy “This is… a game changer” comment. (Try harder, Jack!)

Mocking of obvious jokes aside, do you think that discrete graphics are going the way of the dodo, or maybe the small, niche way of the St. Vincent Amazon Parrot? Does the future lie in gaming consoles and supercomputers for AMD and Nvidia? Or is this much ado about nothing?

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