Apple's iPad enjoyed sales of 14 million units in 2010, and this led to a market share of 95 percent at one time.  Now it appears that Android tablets have eroded that market share down to 75 percent, and with the Motorola XOOM, amongst others, preparing to launch, some analysts think Apple's share of tablet sales could easily slide under 50 percent of the market.

Once again, just as happened with smartphones, Android is going to take a huge chunk of the market by the sheer quantity of tablets released.  The iPhone is but one device taking on dozens of Android handsets, and the same will happen in the tablet market.  But will developers like going through this yet again with multiple devices?

Our own Jon Rettinger appeared on CNBC's Street Signs today to talk about this very subject, and throw his thoughts into the ring on just how much Android will take out of Apple's basket.  While it's certain that some sales will be lost to its newer competitors, it won't be a total wash for the company by any means.