Amazon Silk ad

Amazon’s new Silk web browser has been designed to provide a super fast browsing experience on the company’s upcoming Kindle Fire tablet. It seems like one of the device’s biggest selling points; a feature that no other tablet currently has. You may think, then, that Amazon intends to make its browser exclusively for its own devices.

That’s certainly what I thought. However, the company has just purchased a truck-load of Silk-related domain names, a number of which suggest the new browser may indeed arrive on third-party platforms.

Among the domain names that Amazon registered, there is,, and Those suggest that the company may have plans to deliver the Silk browser at least to Android-, Mac– and Windows-powered devices. But could this simply be wishful thinking?

Registering domain names that relate to a new product is a step companies commonly take to protect their brand. For example, Apple recently acquired 16 misspelled iTunes domain names — just to stop third-parties from snapping them up.

This certainly seems like the most plausible reason for Amazon’s purchased, since the domains were registered through MarkMonitor, a brand protection agency. However, we’re not going to rule out the possibility of Amazon Silk on other platforms just yet. After all, while its launch on rival tablets may damage the Kindle Fire somewhat, a version for Macs and PCs will do no harm, and would even open people up to the browser’s capabilities.

Would you like to see Amazon Silk on your devices?

[via TechCrunch]