We’ve seen some wild MCU theories, mostly centered around Avengers 4, but this new one eloquently presented by The Cosmic Wonder on YouTube makes them seem tame by comparison. He postulates, that Galactus, the devourer of worlds, a villain infinitely more powerful than Thanos is not only already in the MCU but is actually trapped in the Power Stone, and could be setting the stage for an epic Avengers 5. I know this sounds crazy, but the theory, as it’s laid out makes a ton of sense.

To understand this theory, we have to first look back on what has already been said in previous Marvel movies about the stones. In Thor: The Dark World (the worst MCU movie to date) Odin describes the Infinity Stones as “relics that predate the Universe itself.” In Guardians of the Galaxy, the Collector goes into more detail saying “before creation itself there were six singularities, then the Universe exploded into existence and remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots….Infinity Stones.” Ok, pretty clear right? Your marvel memory is now jogged.

Let’s now explore Galactus, and how he came into existence. I should mention here, I’m ignoring the giant dust cloud form he showed up in during the horrendous Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Now that Disney, and subsequently Marvel own (or are about to own) the Fox assets, Galactus is ripe to enter the MCU. Galactus was once a person, a humanoid named Galan. He lived in a time before ours and the current MCU exploded into existence during the big bang. His planet, a technologically advanced paradise called Taa was mostly peaceful. Galan became aware his world as he knew it was about to end. To try and save his people he flew his ship directly into the big bang’s event horizon to try and stop it from happening. Obviously, this did not go as planned for him. Once inside he discovered a cosmic entity called the Sentients of the Universe (because of course he did) who he ended up merging with. He was resurrected in the new universe, our universe, and floated along in an inert state for billions of years. He became a lifeform of pure energy. He was later resurrected by the Watcher. It is then, he becomes the Galactus we know, the devourer of worlds. Destroying worlds trying to keep the balance between death and eternity.

I know that was a lot of comic book lore to unpack there. The MCU does not follow the comics exactly, but it does borrow heavily from it. So how are we making the leap from a Galactus origin story to him being trapped in the power stone? Let’s look at the facts. When his universe was decimated, he was the only thing left of that universe, the only remnant. Sounds pretty similar to the Collector’s description above. We also know the Watcher exists in the MCU, as was spoiled by none other than Stan Lee himself. His cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 lists his credit as ‘Watcher Informant.” Additionally, In ancient times the Celestials used the power stone to judge and destroy worlds. Sound familiar? I won’t even make the obvious point that the Power Stone is Purple as is Galactus.

Do I believe this will absolutely happen? No. I but I do think it most likely the seeds planted by Marvel in the event of a deal with FOX. I’d love to see Galactus done right, have his raw power shown to the world. Who knows, maybe it’s even him that defeats Thanos? So that’s what I think, what about you?