Wild ARMs 3

Sony is rolling out the next PlayStation 2 Classic this week on PlayStation 4, and JRPG fans should be excited. Wild ARMs 3 brought the franchise into its second generation, and it did so with an excellent cel-shaded design that was widely praised at the time.

Those who never got to play it back then will get a chance to do so next week, May 17, when Sony launches it for the PlayStation 4. Fans will enjoy gunning through it once more and hunting the 28 trophies it offers.

Wild Arms 3 delivers everything RPG gamers expect: an in-depth storyline, puzzling dungeons & a unique battling system. Journey along with Virginia, Jet, Clive and Gallows and discover the mystery behind the Prophets to revive the memories of Filgaia. Explore dungeons to unlock secret pathways and find mythical treasures. Gun Blazing shoot-outs deliver intense cinematic battles. Wild Arms 3 embodies tried-and-true elements of a role-playing classic.

As usual, if it's a JRPG of the cult-hit variety, I'm happy with the choice. I just have the normal complaint of it being a Sony published title, which is telling me this PS2 Classics initiative has had a hard time reaching out to third-party publishers who don't want to put resources into adding a resolution boost and trophy support to an old game.

Check out Wild ARMs 3 next week on the PlayStation 4. And if you've never had the pleasure, I'll post its excellent intro below. Wild ARMs isn't the best series in the world, but it is second to none when it comes to introduction videos and, maybe, soundtracks.