Whether or not the Wii U will remain a successful console throughout its full lifespan is obviously something

only that cool carnival machine from Big can guess at

; however, the first six weeks for Nintendo's newest home console appear to be strong, at least in the United States.

According to a release, which you can read in full by pressing the button below, sent out by Nintendo late last night, the Wii U beat the Wii's first six weeks at retail by $30 million. In 41 days, the Wii U has sold roughly 890,000 units in the States, accounting for more than $300 million. As the release indicates, the Wii had generated "just more than $270 million at the same point in its lifecycle."

That news is tremendous for Nintendo. The Deluxe set is apparently selling much better than the Basic, and Nintendo added that the attachment rate for New Super Mario Bros. U has been stellar. More than 65% of all Wii U's sold are sold with New Super Mario Bros. U, and that's stunning.

From my perspective, however, things aren't all sunshine and roses for Nintendo's newest console. The major difference between the Wii U and the Wii, aside from this newly released stat, is the buzz. The Wii was practically an event in and of itself. It was nigh impossible to find a console for sale at retail for months and months after its launch. Today, you can walk into any store and find Wii Us sitting on shelves.

I do think the Wii U will be successful; but, it won't be the Wii. Nintendo caught lightning in a bottle with the Wii. Its sales were absurd. The Wii U will likely enjoy a good lifespan, but its sales won't stay this close to the Wii's, not in my opinion.


Wii U Hardware Sales Surpass Wii Sales by More Than $30 Million through First Six Weeks

With more than 460,000 units sold in December, Wii U has now sold nearly 890,000 units in the United States after only 41 days on the market, according to the NPD Group. To date, Wii U hardware sales have generated more than $300 million in the U.S. alone; Wii hardware had generated just more than $270 million at the same point in its lifecycle.

"While the Wii launch established new benchmarks in the United States, Wii U has surpassed its predecessor in perhaps the most important category: revenue generation," said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "The demand for the Deluxe SKU, which was essentially sold out at retail this holiday, and the strong attach rate of New Super Mario Bros. U, shows that we have the value and the games to drive momentum in 2013. We look forward to offering great new experiences and bringing smiles to millions of new faces throughout the year."

Nintendo sold more than 2.65 million hardware units in the United States in the month of December. 2012 marked the 11th consecutive year that Nintendo has sold at least 8 million hardware units in the U.S. Other Nintendo sales milestones achieved in December 2012 and beyond that time frame, include:

Wii U:

  • New Super Mario Bros. U has now sold more than 580,000 units, an attach rate of more than 65 percent.Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS:

  • Nintendo 3DS sold more than 1.25 million units in December and has crossed 7.7 million units sold life to date.
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 became the fourth Nintendo 3DS title to surpass 1 million units sold in the U.S., and has now sold more than 1.45 million units life to date.
  • Nintendo 3DS continues to outpace the historic sales rate of Nintendo DS.Wii


  • Wii sold nearly 475,000 units and crossed 40.8 million units sold life to date.
  • Ubisoft's Just Dance 3 became the 10th Wii title to sell more than 5 million units life to date.Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS:

  • Nintendo DS sold nearly 470,000 units and crossed 53 million units sold life to date.

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*Note that all data referenced in this document is from The NPD Group's December report, which covers the period of Nov. 25 through Dec. 29, and is for the United States only.