Nintendo's famous Shigeru Miyamoto spoke with GameSpot about the Wii U, it's CPU and GPU and how the company is working to get the most out of those portions of the console while keeping the price in check. Nintendo has always been an entertainment company that's focused on appealing to all age groups while presenting a fiscally reasonable product. Miyamoto has indicated that the company will retain that goal while moving forward with their next console.

But the technical cost of keeping the hardware's price down to an attractive level may mean that fans will be disappointed with the Wii U's performance. Miyamoto has said that the Wii U will not dramatically outperform current consoles, and that could be a sour note for would-be-buyers.

Miyamoto addresses the cost of hardware where Nintendo is concerned, and why that's a priority for them

"We're very sensitive to pricing because people have generally only a certain amount of their spending that they'll devote to entertainment. And if you're talking about parents buying something for kids, there are certain price points where parents may be willing to or not willing to purchase a certain product."

In an economy like the one the world is facing today, it's not exactly a bad idea to move the Wii U into a comfortable price range right out of the gate. But, unfortunately, consumers want as much bang as they can get for their buck, and an underperforming console won't do the trick. Miyamoto says that Nintendo's trying to find a balance.

"But at the same time, you have these technological advances, and you have the needs of being able to take advantage of that technology, and those result in increasing costs and things like that. … Nintendo is the company that's going to probably pay the most attention to striking that right balance…

…We're trying to do that by finding the right balance between the CPU and the GPU, the graphics processor, and bringing all of that together with the ability to take advantage of the HD capabilities of the system, and wanting to do the most that we can on that front as well."

Will striking that balance mean that Nintendo could lose out on the gamers they're trying to court with their HD hardware? I'm sticking to the same guns I've been wielding this whole time: show me the games.

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