Unity Wii U

Independant games are all the rage these days, and Nintendo was quick to snag a deal with Unity, the graphic engine most popular amongst indie devs. Developers who purchased a Wii U dev-kit were also granted a free copy of Unity, a successful partnership which now sees over 50 games using the engine heading toward the Wii U

Siliconera caught up with Nintendo Senior Manager of Marketing Damon Baker at GDC last week to ask about the status of Unity on the Wii U. Baker replied by saying that Nintendo had nine games on display at the show and plenty more in the pipeline.

“We have 17 that are currently in the pipeline, that have been submitted. So they will all be out within the next two months. And then, we have another fifty that are waiting in the wings, that are coming; so we’ve got a lot of Unity content on the way.”

It’s a far cry from the old days of Nintendo limiting the number of games that could be published by a company in one year. Now it seems it’ll take all the help it can get, both strategies being ones I agree with. In the old days, quality control from the Famicom Gold Rush in Japan was important for the NES’ success. Nowadays, giving the little man the spotlight has been integral to Nintendo’s underdog image.

We have several games using the Unity Engine that we are looking forward to on the Wii U, one of which is Disaster Cake’s Soul Saga, a successful Kickstarter game looking to recapture the PlayStation days of the JRPG.

Last week, Nintendo also commented that it was “looking into” expanding its Unity to the Nintendo 3DS, a far larger user base who might be interested in more indie games. Optimization for the Nintendo 3DS’ imaging power has proven difficult, however, but the company is still interested.