One of the biggest problem's with the Wii U's user interface is that moving from menu to menu takes far too much time. Customers and critics complained about this when the console launched, Nintendo owned up to it and promised to address it.

Back in January, Nintendo held a Direct presentation for the Wii U. Part of that presentation included a slide about significant Wii U system updates. They said then that one of these updates would help software launch faster and allow a faster return to the Wii U menu.

The video at the head of this post shows that in action. This new update will come in April, and it will bring a much smoother transition between software and navigation to the Wii U.

Think back to the launch of the Xbox 360. Remember how clunky and slow its menu was compared to today's? Sure, I loved that we weren't being beaten over the head with ad space, but things in the old system were a touch slower than they are now. We'll likely see the same type of change over the course of the Wii U's lifespan.

That starts in April when Nintendo finally brings reduced load times to the system. We'll have more on the Wii U as it comes.