Wii U Version 2.1.3 U

Nintendo released a brand new system update for the Wii U this morning. The update's been labeled Version 2.1.3 U, and it's available through the settings menu within the Wii U UI.

I've personally completed the update; a process that only took about 5 minutes, thanks to the ethernet cable and USB dongle duo I've recently installed. If you frequent the site, you might remember an article I ran back in December of last year. It was then that I spent a week trying to update my Wii U with no luck. I wound up calling Nintendo and, get this, they told me to move my console closer to my router.

It worked, oddly enough.

Regardless, today's update is only a minor one. Here's the full text from Nintendo's support site:

Version 2.1.3 U available via an Internet connection includes the following improvements:

Further improvements to overall system stability have been made.*

*The previously announced system update, which adds new features and further improvements to the user experience, will be released in April.

The previously announced system update, of course, is the one that Nintendo promised back during a Nintendo Direct presentation a few weeks ago. That update will supposedly speed up UI performance and reduce load times.

We'll have more on these updates and the Wii U as it comes.