Nintendo has finally announced some pricing and release date info for the Wii U in Japan, and Europe and the U.S. are coming later today.

Nintendo has been showing off its next console for some time now, and while Wii U hands-on events have been plentiful, a price and release date have not been forthcoming. Today the company finally announced the information for Japan. The Wii U will run ¥31,500 (approx. $405 USD) for a black 32GB model and ¥26,250 (approx. $338 USD) for a white 8GB setup. The basic set will include an AC adapter, HDMI cable and a GamePad, while the premium set will also include a GamePad charging dock, a stand for the console and a Nintendo Network Premium membership. The membership will be good for one year and will garner you a 10 percent discount on digital purchases.

Both packages will go on sale in Japan on Dec. 8 of this year.

The real kicker in this is if you should decide if you want a second GamePad. A stand-alone purchase of the controller will run you ¥13,440 (approx. $173 USD). Not exactly a cheap purchase.

The U.S. pricing info will be out a little later this morning, and don't expect a 1-for-1 conversion on the pricing. In other words, don't expect it to be $405 and $338 respectively, the pricing will probably come in lower than that.