Nintendo’s financials are sitting quite well this quarter, hopefully a sign of better results to come. Profits are up with with the Big N pulling in 8.3 billion yen ($47.5 million), and it finds itself in the black over April, May, and June when it was in the red over the same period last year.

The Wii U also hit a major milestone in its history, finally crossing that 10 million life time sales figure. The 470,000 unit sales it had over the last three months were as high as Nintendo was hoping for, but getting it into eight digit territory is certainly an accomplishment on its own. 4.85 million of those sales have come from North America, and 2.48 million are from Japan.

Much of that profit can be pointed at Splatoon, which has been a huge hit for Nintendo, and 1.62 million fans have enjoyed the game since it launched at the end of May. Mario Kart 8 also remains in the driver’s seat of the Wii U with 5.11 million lifetime sales and an attachment rate of over 50 percent.

No specifics on amiibo were made other than sales were “favorable.”

Seems like Nintendo had a pretty solid quarter. Any thoughts on if it can close out 2015 with similar fortunes? Super Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles X have to do well for the company if that’s going to happen.