Ice Climber

Wii U Virtual Console is ComingDuring the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced that the Virtual Console will be hitting the Wii U following the major spring update. The Wii U’s online services are down for maintenance today, as we assume they prep the console for its big update. Based on Iwata’s announcement alone, the Virtual Console should come tomorrow.

Pushing that notion further, though, is news from Nintendo’s official Facebook page. They posted the image you see on the right yesterday; the Virtual Console will be available on Tuesday, April 23rd, two days from April 21st.

At launch, fans of classic Nintendo gaming will have access to titles like Super Mario WorldExciteBikeF-Zero and Super Metroid. We assume, based on the teaser image, that we’ll be seeing Ice Climber as well.

Just a note for fans who are dying to play Super Metroid again: it will release alongside the Virtual Console, but it will only cost 30 cents in May as it becomes Nintendo’s featured software for the Famicom anniversary. Waiting will save you some solid scratch.

Finally, here’s a look at how Virtual Console pricing will work if you’ve purchased the games before.

Nintendo Wii U - Virtual Console - Nintendo Direct 2013 - 002

What games are you looking forward to playing most?