During a video montage many renowned third party publishers proclaimed their enthusiasm for the Wii U. This included voices from successful publishers such as EA, Vicarious Visions, THQ, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, 5th Cell, Namco Bandai, Irrational Games and Disney Interactive.

Confirmed Titles:

  • Darksiders II (THQ)Dirt (Codemasters)
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines(Sega)
  • Ghost Recon Online (Ubisoft)
  • Metro: Last Light (THQ)
  • Tekken (Namco Bandai)
  • Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (Tecmo)

Potential Titles

  • Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft)
  • Batman: Arkham City (Warner Bros.)
  • Battlefield 3 (EA)
  • Madden 12 / 13 (EA)
  • Fifa 12 / 13 (EA)

EA CEO John Riccitiello came on stage to affirm his company's support for the platform as well, calling it "the best platform Nintendo has ever given us." He gave examples for how Madden and Battlefield could use the new controller, but didn't come out and say that those games were coming to Wii U. "It's a phenomenal piece of technology," he said. "It's a platform that is really going to revolutionize what is happening on consoles."

Every title appeared to have graphics that were on par with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Tekken had the additional capability to draw on fighters' faces with the touch screen and design decals for their clothing, but one should expect extra functionality that utilizes the Wii U's tablet controller.

In many cases, developer support determines the success of piece of technology. Take Apple's iPhone as an example. If there was no app store, there wouldn't be as many customers. It is also very likely that Nintendo is intending to lose money with console and make it up with successful games post launch, but that is purely speculation.

What do you, fellow gamers, think of Nintendo's latest console? Will it have the developer support in needs to survive? Are there any titles that you are looking forward to? Sound off in the comments below.