Holiday Wii U Console

Nintendo's Wii U still continues to chug along at a slow yet steady pace in its home country of Japan. Once more, it has churned out another typical eight thousand units a week, but this week is special in that it finally puts it over the top of the Xbox 360's lifetime sales.

The most recent figures from Japanese charts put the Wii U sales at 1,643,095, finally leapfrogging the Xbox 360's figure at 1,641,528. While the Wii U's sales rates aren't anywhere near impressive, it still have a big of a leg up over the couple hundred the Xbox 360 manages a week.

That being said though, Japanese rival Sony has numbers that Nintendo can only stare at off in the distance. The PlayStation 3 has sold nearly ten million units, and the PS Vita still outranks it at two and a half million. That's not even mentioning the PlayStation 4, which barely managed to scrape by the Wii U's first weekend sales by about 15,000 units.

So as all of these high-tech consoles continue to vie to first place, the general consensus is that in Japan, mobile gaming and the Nintendo 3DS is king and there is nothing anybody can do about it, even Nintendo at this point.