Wii U controller final version

Nintendo's Wii U got shown off last year at E3, but apparently everything wasn't quite finalized as the company showed off an updated controller today.

In a streaming presentation today before the kick-off of E3 tomorrow, Nintendo showed off some new and redesigned aspects of the WiiPad controller.  Even as late as CES this year, when we did a hands-0n with the Wii U, it appears Nintendo was changing things on the touchscreen-based controller.  Instead of flush game knobs, we will now get raised thumbsticks that we're used to on other controllers that are also clickable for added control.

The A-B-X-Y buttons have also received a bit of a re-design to make them more usable.

Of interesting new note is the addition of an NFC (Near Field Communications) reader that will allow you to pass cards over it to activate different features in game.  This could open up a lot of opportunities for bonuses to be released through retailers or finding cards through other promotions.  (Can anyone say "Pokemon unlocks?")

And to make sure you have a reason to keep the WiiPad handy at all times, you can also use it as a universal remote for your television set.  Want to read the channel guide in your lap instead of across the room?  You'll be able to do that.

All-in-all it sounds like Nintendo is trying to make sure its new console is more of a part of your life than just simply something you play games on.