Target has dropped the price of the Basic version of the Wii U from $299.99 to $239.99 in the face of exceptionally slow sales. The discount is good both in physical stores and through their online service.

It appears that the price drop is not a sale but a permanent cut for the retailer, as they give no indication of the offer expiring any time soon.

Unfortunately, the Basic edition isn't all that awesome. The console lacks a game, and it only sports a paltry 8 GB of internal storage. You'll consume that space extremely fast if you download games from the Nintendo eShop. However, you can connect an external USB drive to your system if you so choose.

If you're short on funds and have been looking for a way to snag a Wii U in any form, now's your chance. The $60 dip represents a 20% price cut for the Basic model. The Deluxe model still sits at $349.99.