Many technology forums have been noting that their readers have been noticing that their orders have been changed to “Prepared for Shipment,” revealing that


shipping will occur soon.  A few reports indicated that a few have received tracking numbers, although not much information was given to confirm evidence of such reports.  Information from support simply claim that they have been moved into the pre-shipping stage.

Customers were expecting that they would have been shipped earlier in the week, givin that the pre-orders for the WiFi-only iPad models shipped over five days before the delivery date of Saturday, April 3rd.  The most likely reason for the delay in shipping of the WiFi + 3G iPads is because they are already being stocked at distribution points around the U.S.

“A reader of The Loop contacted Apple on Tuesday worried that he hadn’t heard anything about his shipment. He was told that the Wi-Fi + 3G are already in warehouses across the country.  Unlike the iPad Wi-Fi that shipped directly from China to customers, the 3G model will ship from within the U.S.”

Customers in other countries like the U.K. and Canada are expected to receive information on iPad launch dates, pricing and will be able to pre-order their devices on May 10th, 2010.