We’re speeding quickly toward the release of the next iPhone and, as the months fly by, rumors of the phone start to paint a better picture of what we can expect. Today, a report from DigiTimes tells us a bit more about Apple’s iPhone 8.

First, Apple is apparently developing its own technology for the fingerprint sensor that will sit under the display, instead of relying on tech offered by others. I thought, for example, that Apple might license this technology from Synaptics, a company that already offers support for reading fingerprints through displays. DigiTimes has more:

Apple’s in-house developed fingerprint ID solution will be fabricated at TSMC’s 12-inch line using 65nm process technology, said the sources, adding that production for the new OLED iPhone is unlikely to start until September due to the redesigned fingerprint ID solution.

iPhone 8 production schedule

The news outlet also said that Apple is going to start mass producing the iPhone 8 in September, when iPhones typically hit the market. The iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 7s are expected to hit production in July, which means those devices should be ready in time for a September launch. If true, this means folks who want the newer iPhone 8 might have to wait a bit longer than September.

Concept above created by Moe Slah.