I’m almost positive that we’ll eventually see the New Nintendo 3DS models, both the standard and XL, abroad within the next 12 months. It was announced this morning, and a lot of Internet-goers expressed genuine excitement to buy.

For now? This thing is exclusive to the land of the rising sun.

Why? I blame Xenoblade Chronicles. Or, perhaps more specifically, I blame the lack of games that will sell the platform internationally.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I would personally snap up a New Nintendo 3DS complete with a port of Xenoblade Chronicles in a heartbeat. I know a lot of folks reading this article right now would do the same. But, that’s not enough to push a platform out of the gates internationally. Nintendo will need a core title that western audiences adore, and a JRPG, no matter how much you and I love them, won’t do it.

So, that’s the reasoning I apply to the missing announcement for nations beyond Japan. When the Nintendo Direct finished this morning, Nintendo of America sent out a full press release detailing all sorts of new Wii U bundles, upcoming games and the pricing for the amiibo. That release, though, didn’t even mention the New Nintendo 3DS models. It didn’t even indicate that they were announced.

That missing info tells me that Nintendo of America isn’t ready to unveil these devices to its American audience. The same can be said for Nintendo of Europe. And I think that all comes down to the fact that Xenoblade Chronicles, the only game announced for the device, simple won’t move units.

The Japanese site for the New Nintendo 3DS handhelds indicates that there is exclusive software in development for the machines right now. The only one announced, of course, is Xenoblade Chronicles. And I bet that will be ready for the system’s Japanese launch date of Oct. 11, 2014.

We’ll see the New Nintendo 3DS units abroad when Nintendo develops exclusive software that it thinks has a chance to sell internationally. I just hope that Xenoblade Chronicles makes the jump to English on the New Nintendo 3DS whenever the system actually does reach other regions.