iPhone 5s - Black - Front - Apps

Apple just unveiled the iPhone 5S. I wasn’t expecting a huge change in the way of hardware, though Apple did add an A7 processor with a lot more speed, and a cool new M7 processor that handles the gyroscope, accelerometer, and more. Toss in a new and improved iSight camera with better low-light performance, and the Touch ID fingerprint reader, and you have a pretty well-rounded new smartphone.

Despite all of those features, which are cool on the surface, I felt disappointed at the end of Apple’s iPhone 5S event. I guess I secretly wished there was a new feature I hadn’t heard of yet that was going to make an appearance. We already knew the fingerprint reader was coming, we saw images of the improved camera with dual-LED flash, and nearly every single leak pointed to the new colors. So why do I care? Why do I even want to upgrade my existing iPhone 5? Because I’m excited to see what other people are going to do with what the iPhone 5S has to offer, and I think we’ll see some pretty amazing stuff.

The A7 processor, for starters, offers twice the performance of Apple’s A6. That’s incredible considering all of the amazing apps and gaming we already get out of the A6. That means we’re going to see not only more powerful, better looking games, but much more powerful applications. Apple’s iMovie app is free for new purchases, and I imagine that’s going to move much, much quicker. All of the animations Apple added in iOS 7 should be more fluid, too. Then there’s the M7 co-processor, which will likely be able to keep track of all of my movements and fitness with some third-party applications.

Same goes for the Touch ID sensor. Look, I don’t care at all about unlocking my phone or buying a new song with my fingerprint, I care more about what I’ll be able to do once developers get their hands on this technology. What if my bank integrates support for the Touch ID so that I can log-in to the Website without poking in my obscure username and password each time? Or any of my accounts, such as email, social networking, and more?

And don’t go jumping down my throat just yet: Yes, I own an iPhone 5, but I also carry an Android smartphone as my other daily driver. I’m a big fan of Windows Phone, but I’ve seen iOS and Android progress so far that it’s on the back burner for now. The iPhone 5 is great, fantastic even, but I love watching what developers create for these devices through third-party applications – and they’re going to have a lot more wiggle room to move around in with on the iPhone 5S.

We’ll see more powerful apps than ever on iOS 7, and we’ll see great new ideas for the Touch ID that I can’t even really think of right now. And I don’t want to sit on the sidelines when these launch. So, when I return from a vacation that I have coming up, I’ll probably head over and pick up the iPhone 5S. I don’t think the champagne color is for me, either. I’ll probably move from my white iPhone 5 to the Space Gray iPhone 5S.

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