You're not alone in wondering why Apple chose to ditch Google Maps in iOS 6 for its own solution, especially after word surfaced today that the two companies had another year left in an existing agreement. Apparently the two companies couldn't come to terms over voice-guided turn-by-turn directions.

According to AllThingsD, Apple desperately wanted to offer a free voice-guided directions, much like Google provides for its Android devices. However, Google's contract with Apple didn't include that option, which meant Google didn't actually have to add that feature if it didn't want to. And why should it? Google's amazing maps on Android is one area where Android one-ups iOS. Apparently Apple approached Google and actually asked for it to add voice-guided navigation, but Google didn't want to provide that option to a competing mobile operating system.

"There were a number of issues inflaming negotiations, but voice navigation was the biggest," a source told AllThingsD. 

So, ultimately, it appears that Apple chose to ditch Google entirely in an effort to bring turn-by-turn directions to its users quicker than it otherwise could have. Otherwise, those same customers would have had to continue paying for third-party applications.

Google, for its part, said it's working on an iOS application. It hasn't been submitted for approval yet, and we're guessing the company isn't exactly rushing to make it available to iOS users.

Did Apple make the wrong move? Maybe, especially in the eyes of those who don't like the new iOS 6 Maps, but at least it appears to have wanted to keep consumers first.

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