I owe my career to Apple and I’ve never lost sight of that. All of my early videos were focused solely on them, from my very 1st video unboxing a MacBook Pro to (over)analyzing the scroll ball on the mighty mouse. They were innovative machines and I was enthralled with what was available and allegedly coming next. I almost exclusively used an iPhone up until the iPhone 6, when I suddenly started to lose interest. It’s easy to lay blame at Steve Jobs passing, but I just didn’t have the same interest in their product lines as I used to. Android was offering water resistance, quick charging, wireless charging, etc, and my eye began to wander.

Fast forward to 2017 and the dawn of the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, or Edition depending on whom you believe) and I’m starting to get excited again.

In a design era of bezel-less phones, it’s hard not to look at the iPhone and its giant chin (and the Pixel for that matter) is kind of busted. But if these recent leaks and renders are to be believed, Apple is back to its old tricks and has rekindled my imagination, and perhaps my passion. The big things I’ve been clamoring for all these years are finally migrating towards Cupertino, namely wireless charging.

I know for some of you it’s not a big deal, but for me, I use wireless charging every day and it’s a big determining factor in what device I use. Perhaps most importantly Jonny Ive and company finally got the memo that the design should be inspiring (I fought the urge to take the cheap shot with an ‘unapologetic’ pun), and the current leaks look to hit the mark. I’m writing all this assuming the images below are what we’ll see in September.

Not only is Apple catching up to the competition, they even surpass the beauty of the Galaxy S8 with the addition of an OLED panel, a screen to body ratio approaching 90 percent and facial recognition that actually works in all conditions.

That last point is a big if. I’m not sold on FaceID, or whatever Apple decides to call it, replacing TouchID. I’m betting we’ll still have a fingerprint reader that’s migrated to the back of the device. But for argument’s sake, let’s assume it’s not there and Apple is betting a whole lot on this new tech. Perhaps I’m giving too much credit, but with a gamble this big, it better work with sunglasses, in direct sunlight, in the dark, and at different angles, including lying flat on a table. If Apple can deliver on this, hell yeah I’m in.

Despite comments to the contrary, I don’t have any OS allegiances. I like what I like at the time regardless of who made it. For the past few years, that’s been a collection of Samsung, LG, Google, OnePlus, and some HTC. But, if this is finally the year Apple achieves feature and design parity with the best of Android, I’m back, and ready for some iMessage. Time to dust off the Apple Watch.

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