Love it or hate it, it looks like 3D technology is firmly entrenching itself as part of all entertainment formats.  Whether it be in the movie theater, on your game consoles or even hand held gaming, 3D is popping up everywhere, but the most contentious proposition seems to be built-in to your TV sets.  Well, evidence is definitely mounting that it is here for some time to come.

Consumer Reports recently ran an article that pointed out the fact that the price of including the technology into televisions is dropping rapidly.  There is already a 46-inch Samsung LCD HDTV with built-in 3D support selling for $1500 on Amazon, depending on the brand, that isn’t all that much higher than for a set without the technology.  There are 46-inch sets out there in the $800 to $900 range, but within a year or so, you’ll probably see the pricing difference becoming completely negligible.

3dglassesThe biggest complaint by far has been the cost of extra pairs of glasses. Currently most sets come with only one pair (apparently the companies feel these sets will only be bought by single men living in a bachelor pad?), and spare pairs of glasses run around $150. Well, give them a little bit more time and the prices will drop.  As soon as these companies realize the glasses are damaging sales due to their pricing, the cost will drop rapidly.  I would also imagine we’ll see some promotions where you get an extra pair or two as soon as this holiday season.

One of the biggest boosts to the technology will be the upcoming firmware update to the Playstation 3.  Once we see the technology working its way into devices such as this, and numerous upcoming Blu-ray players, people will begin adopting it and more and more because it is just there, waiting for them.  Remember DVD?  How about the current onslaught of Netflix software showing up in every device imaginable?  If you make a technology ubiquitous, people are that much more likely to begin adopting it.

The final reason 3D will eventually succeed?  The scariest reason it will succeed?  Two words: 3D Porn.  I think all I’ll say on that is usually where the porn industry goes technology wise, consumers follow.  And that’s enough on that aspect.

The thing is, I’m still not sure consumers actually want 3D, but for whatever reason Hollywood has decided that it wants us to have it, so they’re going to make sure we have it available to us at every turn.  If it’s a good thing remains to be seen, but it looks like we might as well resign ourselves to the fact it’s going to happen.  The Japanese porn industry is already readying its first titles according to Bloomberg.

What say you?  Are you excited for 3D technology coming to your TV?

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