Seong Mi-Na

Bandai Namco, rolling in piles of money thanks to the arcade launch of Tekken 7, is currently "preparing something huge" for its sister fighting franchise, SoulCalibur. Are we going to be getting SoulCalibur 6 finally?

A survey, which can be filled out on the series' official Facebook page, is asking which characters from the franchise's past have been your favorite since day one. Who is your favorite hero or villain in "the tale of soul and swords eternally retold?"

The Facebook page makes a serious point that this is "NOT related to SoulCalibur Lost Swords ," not wanting enthusiasm to plummet thanks to that free-to-play mess. The survey is instead "for the brand in general."

So how about it? Go ahead and tell Bandai Namco that Seong Mi-Na is your favorite character because you'd be wrong if you picked anybody else. Seriously though, who is your favorite character in the SoulCalibur franchise?

Something tells me that you won't be able to choose Link.

It's been a while since I fell off the SoulCalibur train, but I'd really like to get back on. The series has always been the best in town when it comes to single player options, something I value in a fighting franchise, and I can't think of another besides Street Fighter with which I have a longer history. Maybe SoulCalibur 6 is the answer!

Please, let it be true, and vote Seong Mi-Na!