It seems not a week goes by without news breaking of a new Android handset in the works.  With another hugely successful product to pass through Google’s pipeline, their reach extends.  At what point will other companies band together to put a stop to Google’s reign?

Late last week, murmurs suggested that Google’s Chrome operating system will launch sometime this week. Their Chrome web browser has been and hit with Windows users and will be moving past the developer build into Mac beta sometime in December.  The launch of Android 2.0 that vastly improves Google’s mobile OS made its way to the Motorola Droid this month, receiving nothing but praise in nearly every review.  Built into Android is Google’s free turn-by-turn navigation that offers many of the same features of stand-alone GPS units.  You see where I’m going with this?

Google has made its way into the lives of hundreds of millions daily users.  Gmail is an email powerhouse and as Google continues to push the rest of Google Apps into the corporate world, it’s obvious they’re taking over. Their product line is transforming Google into what is Microsoft.  Microsoft is everywhere.  Microsoft’s products have affected everyone at some point. You can’t escape it and now it’s Google’s turn. googleskynet

At some point, someone is going to stand up to Google.  When that time comes, Google will have already rooted itself into nearly every aspect of technology that it will make them impossibly hard to dethrone.  It’s going to take the next company like Google (if there ever is one) to create such a wide array of products that rival Google’s offerings.

With products like Google Wave and Google Voice still in development, there’s no doubt that Google’s got plenty more up its sleeve.  As all of their products advance towards seamless integration, Google’s grasp becomes tighter, making it harder to break.  Do you think anything is going to slow Google’s growth?  Is time the only thing standing between Google and world domination?  Although Marissa Mayer (Google’s VP of Search and User Experience) insists otherwise, Google is Skynet.  Don’t take my word for it, take Google’s.