Case in point, who will be buying prescription 3D glasses when it turns out no one really wants a 3D TV in their home?

First, Fast Company ran a report about a survey that had recently been conducted that shows that once consumers see a 3D TV for themselves, the intent to purchase seems to drop dramatically.  Okay, maybe not “seems”, it’s more like, “definite”.

3d tv survey

Yeah, that’s not a real upbeat report is it?  The “post exposure” numbers dropping for slots 2 and 3 is actually a good thing, but overall things are not looking good for the 3D TV invasion into homes.

So, of course, that means someone should come out with expensive prescription 3D glasses.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Italian eye-wear maker Luxottica is going to be releasing the glasses under its sub-brand Oakley here in the United States. The main problem with this is that the television manufacturers use different forms of 3D, meaning their glasses aren’t all compatible with one another. So, do you have to pick your company when you order the glasses? Kind of a pain if you ask me.  and what about the versions of 3D in movie theaters?  This isn’t exactly an easy proposition when you study it.

With that study above, obviously things are not well in the land of 3D, but yet it’s interesting to see companies still trying to move in and cash in by making accessories.  Hope they enjoy sitting on them for a long time to come.

What say you?  Have you seen 3D TVs yet, and has it changed your mind about purchasing one?