Everything we talk about here is pure speculation, opinion, and pulled straight from orifices we don't usually prefer to publish about. Nothing we say has been confirmed, and our entire inception is based on a rumor that may or may not come to fruition later into 2019.

However, who doesn't love a good "Gimmie these characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!" article?

Today, we're focused on a few core rules based on recent statements and announcements made by Nintendo at The Game Awards. For those who don't remember, Persona 5's protagonist Joker will be introduced into the game as the first of five DLC characters despite the character not yet appearing on a Nintendo platform… anywhere.

Fans around the world took this as a sign that Persona 5 would be ported to the Nintendo Switch in due time, and people with connections to behind-the-scenes of Atlus fueled the rumors by tweeting away the secret that we would get an announcement upon the release of the DLC package.

Following that, Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime stated in an interview that Joker's inclusion to be "emblematic" of Nintendo's strategy with the DLC characters in the game

We're taking this quote and the fallout rumors from these stories to create a single and totally unreasonably hypothesis: Nintendo is going to use "emblematic" DLC characters to announce ports of popular modern games that are not yet on the Nintendo Switch!

Crazy? Of course! But fun to think about? No question!

Today's requirements are as follows…

  1. The character must not yet be confirmed to be coming to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, obviously.
  2. The character must come from a third-party game of the HD era that is not yet on the Nintendo Switch.
  3. The game must be able to reasonably run on the Nintendo Switch without making too many sacrifices.

Since Joker is the first of five characters, we'll take a stab at four more.

2B and a port of NieR: Automata

Aside from Persona 5, I believe that NieR: Automata is the second highest port that fans of Japanese games are looking forward to getting a port for on the Nintendo Switch. Square Enix's action game struck a chord with all who have played it so far, selling 3.5 million copies worldwide and scoring universal praise for its slick action and groundbreaking storytelling.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, 2B is an easy addition with a wide array of weapons and fighting styles to swap between, and no doubt, the team behind the action could work her sweet little Pod into her moveset as well.

This is a sure-fire winner on both fronts, both as a port and as an additional character who fits the mold of what Super Smash Bros. tries to accomplish. Nintendo has worked extensively with developer Platinum Games with the Bayonetta games, and Square Enix obviously wants a part of that Super Smash Bros. pie thanks to the inclusion of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.

All parties involved want this, so let's see it happen!

Dante and a port of Devil May Cry 5

The original 3D action star and a frequent veteran of these "I WANT HIM IN SUPER SMASH BROS." lists, Dante has long been sought after as a prized fighter of the ring. Thankfully, he now as a spot on our "emblematic" list with his first new game coming out in March.

We don't yet know the specs behind Devil May Cry 5 or if the Nintendo Switch will be able to keep up with its crazy action or if Devil May Cry 5 will even be good enough to drool over a port of. Regardless, Dante would bring his ridiculous flair to Super Smash Bros.with that flashy red coat, sweet pistols, giant sword, and countless Devil Trigger transformations.

He even has a built in selection of alternate costumes thanks to how he's changed over the years, and I wouldn't even be offended if Nintendo chose to include his DmC suit.

If by the curse of the devil himself, Devil May Cry 5 doesn't turn out to be a game worth fretting for a port over , well, Devil May Cry HD Collection would be equally enjoyable on the Nintendo Switch. That first game still packs the punch to blow gamers away, and Devil May Cry 3 remains among the top tier action games made since the turn of the millennium.

Hero and a port of Dragon Quest XI

The nameless protagonists of Dragon Quest have never appeared in a Super Smash Bros. game despite the undeniable claim Dragon Quest has to the early success of Nintendo. And while I would be begrudged to see another sword-swinging, anime-eyed, pretty boy Fire Emblem fighter in the game, Dragon Quest's are iconic enough and versatile enough to ensure a unique spot on the list.

Hell, none of these silent protagonists have personalities of their own since they never speak, so using different characters from the various entries as alternative costumes would be a nice touch. Naturally, the Dragon Quest XI protagonist should be the base model, since that's the most recent game and the port we're looking for, but I've always liked the style of the outlandish Dragon Quest IV protagonist, be it the male or the female.

So badass, so tacky, so early 90's.

As for the Nintendo Switch port, well, it kind of breaks our rules since a port has already been confirmed for release in Japan. However, in keeping with series' tradition, Nintendo and Square Enix have left English-speaking fans waiting, sweating, and begging for a localization. Given my own history with that and the Nintendo 3DS Dragon Quest games, that would be both a relief and welcome news from a DLC character.

Dragon Quest XI tore up the critic's charts as one of 2018's most beloved games on the PlayStation 4. Now, I just need my handheld/home console port to dedicate endless hours to it.

Taki and a port of SoulCalibur 6

Choosing the most iconic character from "The Tale of Soul and Swords, Eternally Retold" is nigh impossible. Ivy seems to be the best choice, but something tells me her dominatrix getup pushes Nintendo's family-friendly boundaries a bit too far. Mitsurugi and Siegfried also rank up there as popular, but, as I said before, no more sword-swinging anime boys. Talim is the most popular according to fan polls, but she missed out on the first two entries, aka the best and most iconic entries, in the franchise.

And then there is my beloved Seong Mi-na, who, while a fan favorite, doesn't quite cross the threshold as iconic, and Voldo, who would be a neat Super Smash Bros. character if he wasn't so darn creepy!

So instead, we're going with Taki, SoulCalibur's premiere badass, demon slaying, ninja warrior. Ever since she first rocked our brains in the intro to Soul Blade back in 1996, the mystery of this lady killer (as in she's a lady who KILLS) has left us wishing she could cross into realms beyond her own franchise.

Plus, she would make a sweet alternative to Sheik.

As for SoulCalibur 6, fans have propped it up as a return to form for the flailing franchise, and playing it on the Switch would be a nice little gift from Bandai Namco, even if it was released to be doomed as direct fighting game competition to Super Smash Bros.

Oh yeah, and you know me. I never pass up a chance to post this…

Who would you like to see added?

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