Those of us who love big TVs but don't want to have to take out a second mortgage for them know to look at what Vizio has to offer.

And two excellent offers this week aren't getting buried in the midst of Amazon Prime Day. In fact, they're not on Amazon at all. They're at Dell.

First up is the Vizio M558-G1. It's the slightly smaller version of the TV we just reviewed, and it's going for just $699 — plus you'll get another $200 to spend at Dell in the form of a gift card. (That's more than enough to cover the cost of, say, new cables, or the Bose Solo 5 Soundbar

The M8 series of TV is excellent, especially for the price. You get 4K resolution. Some 90 local dimming zones. Quantum dot colors and a wide color gamut. I'd probably still use something like an Apple TV with it, but the TV itself its aces at what amounts to $500.

The PX65 is a step up from the M series. It costs more, sure — though the $1,799 price is a great discount even before you factor in the extra $350 in Dell credit. Basically you take everything you love about the M series and scale it up. All the way to a ridiculously awesome 384 local dimming zones. And the panel itself has 5x brightness. All for what amounts to a $1,500 TV. Again, I'd go for an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV attached to the TV, but you get the idea. It's a great TV at a great price.

And, see? You didn't even have to venture into the maelstrom that is Amazon Prime Day to get it. Though if you want to jump in, check out the best TV Deals on Prime Day!

The mid-ranger

Vizio M558-G1

So good for the price

This is in the middle of Vizio's range, but there's nothing middling about this 55-inch television — especially at this price.

The upper edge

Vizio PX65-G1

Edge of the envelope

This is just one step away from maxing out all the specs Vizio can cram into a TV — and does so at a great price.

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