There is not a whole lot of depth to Just Cause‘s anti-hero protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, and frankly, that’s what makes him so special. I’ll never understand this push nowadays to explore the darkest corners of every single characters’ motivations. Look, I liked The Dark Knight as much as everyone else, but that level of depth is also what made it unique when it came out and much more memorable than the copycats who followed it.

Just watch as Avalanche’s writers and designers struggle to describe Rico’s character. They can’t, and that’s okay. Not every character needs depth to be memorable, and not every anti-hero needs motivation for blowing up the world beyond thrill and money.

Still, it concerns me a little bit that Avalanche wants to work in that extra level to his character. Much like Fallout 4‘s choice to give some insight into its protagonists, Just Cause 3 will create an anchor that the player must break their exploration and return to periodically to enjoy, destroying the sense of pure freedom the second game had.

The second half of the video gives me more hope though. Avalanche might want to explore Rico’s motivations a bit more, but the team is also very much aware of what makes a Just Cause game great: chaos and the freedom to create that chaos within its mechanics. Multiple grappling hook tethers bring down four helicopters at once? I mean, of course, right? Why wasn’t that in the second game?

If Avalanche can somehow work that depth into Rico without forcing players to jump into story missions to enjoy it, then it will be a perfect game. Witty quips, brief banters, all caught without the need for pointless cutscenes that only get in the way of what makes this series special. That’s what Just Cause 3 needs to nail.

Just Cause 3 will be released on Dec. 1 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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