Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has Castlevania characters in it. End of story. With pretty much all of my prayers answered with that single announcement, I don’t think there is any more room for me to ask or request any furth…

…oh wait, yes there is! I’m a greedy person who will take my requests to the ends of the Earth and far beyond the boundaries reasonable expectations! With an ever decreasing pool of characters to choose from, especially from within Nintendo’s own catalog, who do you want in Super Smash Bros. this deep into the series’ existence?

More importantly, who do I want? Who’s left at this point?

Sabin Rene Figaro (Final Fantasy VI)

A brawler of the highest caliber, my constant pick ever since third-party characters were allowed entry, and a man who got his start on the Super Nintendo, unlike Final Fantasy’s actual ambassador in the series. Sabin provides size, strength, and a deep pool of fun Blitz techniques that could translate well into special attacks.

Make him big like Ganondorf but agile like Little Mac, and you’d have the true Sabin recreation that Super Smash Bros. has secretly always desired.

Shame he’s not more popular among fans. We’d probably get Squall or some lame sword-swinger if Square Enix ever donated again… but then again, that’s a nice thought.

Red Arremer/Firebrand (Ghosts ‘n Goblins)

Capcom has now donated both Ryu and Mega Man, collectively representing the company’s two biggest classic franchises. However, Capcom found its true break into the gaming world thanks to an arcade classic called Ghosts ‘n Goblins, and while its protagonist Arthur would be a fine choice to represent Capcom in the ring, the series iconic sub-boss Red Arremer still enjoys an even larger and more loyal fanbase to this day.

Firebrand, as we call him in North America, has starred in his own series of classic platformers, including two eternal favorites of mine Gargoyle’s Quest and Demon’s Crest, and most recently appeared in Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate, proving he’s got the fighting game chops for the big leagues.

Tap into his various forms for special attacks or transformations, and he would be a spectacular and versatile fighter in Super Smash Bros.

Lyndis (Fire Embem: The Blazing Blade)

The last thing Super Smash Bros. needs is another generic, sword-swinging Fire Emblem protagonist. They’re all built the same way, hit with similar techniques, and all that separates them are their weight and damage focal points.

Lyndis does swing a sword, but with proper direction, she could provide far more variety than the standard Fire Emblem character build. Floaty jumps, lightweight, swift attacks, and teleportation could separate her from the crowd. She’s more of a martial arts sword wielder than the blunt trauma knights who appear in the game.

I understand that Lyndis is already an assist trophy, but she’s the best protagonist from the best “modern” Fire Emblem game and deserves better. Hector is a decent choice for a fighter, as well.

Sparkster (Rocket Knight Adventures)

Now that Konami is on board with Castlevania, let’s start to nag them for even more classic characters!

Sparkster is a possum with a jet-pack and a flaming sword that fires deadly disks… that just reeks of a perfect Super Smash Bros. character. Nevermind that he’s more of a SEGA Genesis kinda guy than a Super Nintendo all-star. That didn’t stop SEGA from adding Sonic.

And speaking of SEGA…

Ristar (Ristar)

I swear, I didn’t pick one character from each company that has contributed to the series so far. That’s just how it worked out. SEGA’s cult-mascot from the closing days of the SEGA Genesis would provide an excellent outlet for a fighting type that goes far-under represented in Super Smash Bros.

The grappler. The thrower. The wrestler!

Ristar’s stretchy arms would grasp onto opponents and just do the worst with them. If he can paralyze opponents by landing a palm on them, he would be considered the worst troll character since… well, there’s always SOME troll character in Super Smash Bros.

Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

The pipe-dream of all pipe-dreams! Earth’s mightiest champion isn’t from a video game, but he’s certainly starred in enough of them to earn a spot on the roster… not to mention fill in our gap for Bandai Namco.

Oh, and of course, I mean old school Goku, back when he was defined by fun tools like the Flying Nimbus and Power Pole and cool techniques that translate well into Super Smash Bros. abilities. I don’t mean modern Goku, who is now defined by the color of his hair. Save Super Saiyan shenanigans for Final Smash and build around my boy in basic mode.

Might as well strike now while the iron is hot since Goku currently stars in the biggest fighting game in the world.

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