Microsoft Employee Xbox One

Would ya look at that? A white Xbox One and Xbox One controller that looks pretty cool. The unique coat of paint makes it look much better than the bulky black design us common folk are nabbing at launch.

As you can tell by reading the text on the image, this white Xbox One is going out as a gift to specific Microsoft employees. They'll get it on launch and all the first party software available. And they'll receive it at no cost. That's a sweet deal.

The eligibility, according to the fine print on the picture above, is limited to IEB FTEs as of 7/12/13 who are still employed at the time of the system's launch this holiday. That means full time equivalents in the Interactive Entertainment Business department.

The extra special slam dunk that you really can't see in the picture at the head of this post? To the right of the disc drive is an inscription that reads "I Made This." That's cool.

Now, Microsoft, sell us a white one. Please.