When the PS Vita made its debut in the United States and Europe back in February, gamers had two consoles to choose from: Wi-Fi only, or Wi-Fi + 3G. Those won't be the only options for gamers in Japan next month, however, with Sony's new handheld set to get a splash of white paint.

The white PS Vita will make its debut in Japan — Sony's homeland — on June 28, and customers will pay the same prices that currently apply to the black models. That's ¥24,980 (approx. $313) for the Wi-Fi only model, and ¥29,980 (approx. $375) for the Wi-Fi + 3G one. Sony will also release a range of white accessories, including cases and headsets, to accompany the console.

From August 30, Japan will also get a Hatsune Miku special edition PS Vita to celebrate the release of the next Project Diva title. The console will be bundled with a 4GB memory card, a screen protector, AR cards, and a copy of the game. But the special edition console will be priced at ¥10,000 (approx. $125) more than the regular PS Vita.

You can see both consoles in action in the video above. There's no word on international availability, but we're expecting the white edition to make its way into other countries during the coming months. It's possible that the Hatsune Miku handheld will remain exclusive to Japan, however.

What do you think to Sony's new PS Vitas? If you already have a black model, do you wish you had waited for a white one?

[via The Verge]