Last night we basically received the official confirmation we’ve been waiting for: Google is launching a Nexus 5, and it’s going to do so very soon. The company accidentally spilled the beans on its own Google Play Store when it posted the new phone, complete with photos and a lovely $349 price tag. We only saw a black model, however, but now a white one appears to be on the way as well.

Underkg recently posted the picture above, which shows what appears to be a Google box with a white Nexus 5 pictured on it. There’s clear tweaks that have been made to one image; you can see jagged lines on the bottom right and it has an awkward glow effect. Even still, the white phone pictured on the box looks somewhat legitimate.

A white Nexus 5 is definitely possible. Google released a white model of its Nexus 4 and it only makes sense to carry the offering over into its new product. Whether we need one or not is another question, but at least the option might be there. It took a few months for the white Nexus 4 to pop up after the original launched, so you may have a bit of a wait before this is available.