A white iPod Touch? That’s what this photo, presumably of the Touch’s digitizer, suggests. And it’s not really all that far-fetched, is it? There are white versions now of the iPhone and iPad.

This could wind up being the most major update to the iPod Touch this year, say analysts. Orders are said to begin next month, and the availability of components are still a major concern, particularly in the wake of the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami. If push came to shove with any shared parts , there’s little doubt Apple would give them to the iPhone and iPad first. We’re still crossing our fingers that a dual-core A5 and better quality cameras will make their way in there.

What about you? Would availability in white be enough to get you to upgrade to a new Touch? What about internal refinements? Weigh in. [Minor typo corrected. Thanks, @AdrianScreenChild!]

[via 9to5Mac]