This white iPhone business is starting to get really serious, really fast. I’m convinced there are others like me who are sticking to their guns and holding out for Apple’s white knight. So after being pushed back more than once, what’s the hold up and how long are the patient expected to wait?

Judging from Apple’s June WWDC keynote, I assumed the white model would be available on launch day. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Not a peep from Apple came until the day before launch through a press release that Apple admitted that manufacturing difficulties would delay the white model until the second half of July. At the end of the ‘antennagate’ press conference, Jobs said the white model would be available in extremely limited quantities at the end of July. Finally during their quarterly earnings call, the white iPhone 4 was now delayed until sometime later this year.

So what manufacturing difficulties is Apple facing with the white handset? Multiple reports detail the difficulties Apple’s facing trying to get the white iPhone to their exact color specifications while preventing future discoloration of the handset’s front and back glass panels. A newer report from The Street suggests light is leaking through the device’s edges and seeping through the back of the white iPhone. According to a BoyGeniusReport source, these issues might have actually been ironed out and the devices might be shipping sooner than we think.


The longer Apple fails to deliver a firm shipping period, the longer would-be white iPhone owners will have to wait to upgrade from their new devices. White iPhone buyers who would’ve bought on launch will find themselves waiting a few extra months for the next time their upgrade comes along. If the manufacturing problems persist and Apple isn’t able to get them out, buyers may opt to hold out for the next generation model that’ll be only half a year away. These aren’t deal breakers but annoyances nonetheless.

Are you holding out for the white iPhone 4? Are you feeling the need to cave and spring for a black model? Let us know if you’re in the same boat.

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