There seems to be some chatter in Apple's supply chain about a rumored "jet white" iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. MacoTakara first reported on the whispers, suggesting that suppliers are talking about Apple's intentions to add the new hue to its family of iPhones.

I'm not sure I buy it.

First, MacoTakara very clearly says "this information may be unreliable," which doesn't give me a whole lot of hope. Also, the "Jet black" color makes a little sense since jets, like stealth fighters, are sometimes jet black in hue. You don't often (ever?) hear the term Jet white. Maybe jetliner white? It just doesn't sound right.

Don't hold out hope for the white iPhone 7

I wouldn't hold out too much hope for the new white iPhone, though Apple has actually done this in the past. The white iPhone 4, for example, came several months after other models were released. In that case, though, we were aware the white iPhone 4 was scheduled to launch at some point. We'll see.