iPhone 4s White in AT&T database

While we're all eagerly anticipating the imminent announcement for Apple's iPhone 5, rumors surrounding a second new device — the iPhone 4S — will not die. The latest hint that a slightly different iPhone 4 will launch alongside the iPhone 5 in the coming weeks comes from AT&T's internal database, which has begun listing an 'iPhone 4s White'.

The screenshot above, purportedly of AT&T internal inventory system, was sent to Engadget over the weekend. If it is a genuine screenshot, it will undoubtedly fuel further speculation for a cheaper iPhone 4 this Fall. Apple's plans to launch a cheaper device have been the source of several rumors in recent months, with many suggesting the Cupertino company will launch a prepaid version of its iPhone 4, which will have just 8GB of storage and will be much cheaper than the existing device — but will support CDMA and GSM carriers.

We can't be completely certain that this is indeed AT&T's system, so if anyone out there is an AT&T employee, maybe you could leave us a comment and let us know. However, according to 9to5 Mac, this isn't the system AT&T uses in its retail stores:

The system that Engadget is calling an "inventory system" is not actually the one used in stores, and based on the accompanying text fields, that system looks to actually have to do with customer care.

9to5 also thinks it's worth noting that the 'iPhone 4s' in question sports a lowercase 's' in AT&T's system:

… a white "iPhone 4s" – note the lowercase status of the "s" – has appeared in an internal AT&T system.

Additionally, the iPhone 3GS appears with a capital S in AT&T's inventory systems.

Whether or not this listing is simply a mistake remains to be seen, but there's no denying that the evidence for an iPhone 4S continues to mount as we get closer to Apple's announcement.

Do you think there will be two new iPhones this year?

[via 9to5 Mac]