It looks as if the white iPhone 4 may be in customers hands sooner rather than later. I know these rumors have been circulating for quite some time, but Engadget has uncovered the most prevalent evidence to date. Engadget states that the shelf tag below was spotted in a Houston Best Buy: “White iPhone, AT&T, $599.99, no contract.” The fact that box stores like Best Buy are displaying shelf tags seems premature by Apple standards, but these stores have been sources of leaks in the past.

I just tried the QR code with the Red Laser iPhone app and just as Engadget reports it does nothing at this point.

Not long after the Best Buy tag was spotted, a reader sent Engadget yet another shelf tag, this time from the Canadian version of Radio Shack, The Source. In the photo below you can see that the white iPhone 4 16GB model will run $159.95 with a three year contract, while the 32GB version will cost $269.95 again with a three year commitment.

So, we know the white iPhone 4 is coming, now it’s just a matter of when. TechnoBuffalo readers, what date do you think we will see the white iPhone 4 available for actual purchase? Let me know in the comments below.