White iPhone 4At long last the white iPhone 4 is arriving tomorrow, April 28th, a mere ten months behind schedule!  Apple has fully confirmed it, and while its great to see this mythical beast finally make its appearance, does it even matter at this point?

If Apple sticks to its usual release cycle, we'll see the iPhone 5 in June, or if the rumors are correct, possibly as late as this Sept.  Either way, the iPhone 5 is no more than five months away, and possibly as little as mere weeks, so does the color of the phone really matter that much to you?  This is the exact same hardware and software of the current black iPhone 4, so picking up a white version is doing nothing but tying you down to tech that is nearly a year old.

If the color really matters that much to you, then finally you can get what you'be been waiting for, but we want to know if you had just finally given up hope.  Did you succumb and get a black one instead?  Did you go with a completely different phone?  Place your vote in the poll below, and then give us your detailed thoughts in the comments.