The white iPhone 4 may be arriving this week -in the UK at least. UK wireless carrier Three has posted the phone on its site, with an "earliest delivery date" of April 20.

The page went up this morning, however, the deal isn't live yet, so clicking on the "Buy Now" link won't actually land you a one of the phones. Three talked to mobile site Recombu to let it know that the phone wasn't yet available, but did not indicate when it might actually hit store shelves. The sales page is still live on Three's site, however, which indicates that sales date is likely to be pretty soon (if not today).

The white iPhone 4 was originally expected to be released along with the black version last year. Rumors have indicated that the handset may be available this month. Apple has not released any information about the white version of the phone, including why it was delayed in the first place.

Are any of you still waiting for white iPhone 4? Do you think the phone will actually be released this month?

[via MacRumors]